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You are the legal professional trying to do the very best for your client. Could over 30 years of training, education and experience in the Snow and Ice industry help you?

I believe I can offer a unique understanding of the fiscal removal of snow and ice, and how this works with the anti-icing and de-icing method employed the industry.

I have regularly attended training seminars for over 30 years to hone my skills, add this to 33 years of hands on field and management experience.

I was one of the first 10 Certified Snow Professionals (CSP) in North America.

My contracting company has been recognized as an industry leader having received the Excellence In Business Award by SIMA for Snow and Ice services.

Before the launch of this website, all of my work for the past 10 years has been from word of mouth referrals as an expert. One of my goals with the launch of this website is to help more people understand the standard of care in the snow and ice industry.

Contact me today for a no obligation consultation of up to ½ hour at 201-670-0501 or email

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VanderKooi SIMA CSP

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